Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prayers are answered

Hayley gave the family prayer this morning and blessed Daddy to have fun at tennis or work and Seb to be good while mommy cleaned the house. I felt like I was obligated to clean so I tackled organizing the junk drawers. Luckily Greg decided to fulfill the work option. The HVAC guys finished today and the brick guys got all set up and then it SNOWED!! OOOH I am so mad at the weather. I was freezing all day. I'm gonna leave if it doesn't get warm soon!
Brooke's 1st grade class did an amazing opera and she was wonderful. She sang so loud and new exactly what to do, in fact she would make sure the kids around her were in the right spot.
We had a great "wedding" week. We drove down to provo or draper everyday and hung out with cousins, Mimi, Gpa, L&L, and Adge. We went to the temple for Christy's endowment and for her marriage. We ate a lot of good food (Hayley lets me know how disapointed she is bc I am eating sugar) Lincoln's funny thing lately is kissing us on the lips and laughing so hard about it. Big Hayden is his fwend. Easter was nice. The easter bunny left a note saying he would leave them something while they were at church. HWen they got back they had to hunt for their presents. Hayley and Brooke got bathing suits and fruit leather and Lincoln got a fourwheeler and fruit leather. The easter bunny had too much candy the day before at the egg hunt at Janae's. In YW Andrea showed a "silent" easter slideshow. I had the girls say one word describing how they felt. I said "grateful". I am so grateful that Christ died for me and suffered so that I am able to repent, to feel the spirit and feel peace. I am grateful he did this for my children as well. My favorite part of the endowment session is when my posterity is mentioned. I remember the first time I went through and I was overwhelmed with that statement and I thought of those children who would come to me, and now they are here- all of them I don't know......

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crazy Weekend

Blacken Fish is still alive, barely. I haven't seen him eat any of the food we have given him and he barely moves. Lincoln still talks to him and "plays" with him.
Greg was out of town for a few days in Texas. I had to rely on Hayley and Brooke to watch the boys for short times while I took kids to dance, soccer and piano and went to a YW dinner.
Friday I watched Natty, hung out with Karmen went to McD and the girls spent the night at Karmen's. Greg came home late that night. I picked them up from Karmen's at 8:50 got Hayley to soccer and went to Target to get Christy a shower present, buy meat to make for the talent show that night and buy a cute outfit for the girls to perform in the talent show. Greg dropped Lincoln off at Target bc he went to play tennis. Then we picked Hayley up and went to the church and I practiced with friends for the funny dance we made up for the talent show to "I will survive". WE jumped off the stage and did the congo:) Then we hurried home to get ready to go to the bridal shower and start the meat in the crockpot. Hayley and Brooke slept the whole way down to Provo. I loved having them with me. Brooke won one of the games. They had a wonderful time. Aunt Marilyn and Janae were impressed that we would come all the way down for the shower, anything for family and such a wonderful occasion! Right when we came home we all got ready for the ward party, curled hair and gussied up. We went to the ward party and had a blast. Hayley and Brooke made up a dance to Disturbia and shined. They are such natural performers. I was so proud of them. Sunday we went to Lydia's blessing and hung out at Gmas all day. I had BYC and a leader's mtg that the whole stake YW pres came to. It went well. They told us we should be doing PP along with the girls. I thought that was a great idea. Now if only we can get the mom's to do it with there daughters....
This weekend Darren and Hayden worked hard! The floors were raised and the door moved up and the spout capped. I hope this week the vents will go in and the cabinet guy comes and Darren puts in the sliding door and electrical.
This week is going to be so fun. Mom, Dad, Adge and kids are in town for Christy's wedding and we are having party after party all week! Too bad the house isn't done bc they have to stay at Logan's house in Am Fork.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back to Blogging

I was writing in my journal last night the funny things the kids have been saying lately and Greg told me I should blog instead. I think I should really make this my new hobby and then we will have all of the wonderful things that we experience recorded. These kids are growing so fast and I know this time of life is so precious.
I took Lincoln to buy a fish yesterday and he decided to name him "blacken fish". He loves this fish and talks to him, like he talks to most things that don't talk. I usually give voice to these things and we have funny conversations. Linc-Are you hungry fish? Fish-No I only like to eat every other day. Are you hungry Lincoln?......etc.
Seb is getting is first front tooth. It makes me sad not only because he is in so much pain but also he is getting so big and when a baby gets teeth they are not such a baby anymore. He is the sweetest little boy. He really loves his mommy. Anytime he sees me he reaches for me and gives me the biggest toothless smile (soon to be toothy). Hayley really wanted him to share a room with her so she gets up with him at night and makes him a bottle. It's been 3.5 months that she has been off sugar. She is so determined to go the whole year. She refuses sugar everywhere she goes. She has inspired me to stay off sugar and I just have to think of her when I am tempted.
Brooke has come so far this year in school. Her teacher M. Thomas has taught her so much. She reads very well and is learning so much. She makes friends easily. I find her playing with new friends different places we go.
I am excited for 2 before and after occasions I am waiting for. They are both in the works and are very promising. I have lost 30 lbs since february and have 10 to go. The kitchen and living room that I have been dreaming about is in the process of coming true. We are currently living in a plastic bubble and hope to be done in a month. I am so happy with life and my wonderful family. I am so blessed and lucky. Whats more is that Mimi, Gpa with the mustache and Adge and the kids are coming this weekend!
We took the kids to Moab and Las vegas over spring break. I thought it was a lot to take on and a little crazy to to do so much driving but it turned out to be so fun and the drive wasn't bad because we drove at night while they slept. The night in Moab was hard because it was so cold and Seb wanted his warm bottle and he cried most of the night. It was BEAUTIFUL there we got to stay in the park and woke up to an arch right in front of us. Vegas was so fun. We swam, went shopping, had a movie night, and rode rides at Circus Circus. I love being all together away from home. Great memories!