Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First day of school!!

Brooke is in 4th grade, Ms. Carter. Hayley is in 6th with Mrs. Ferguson.

Linc is going to kindergarten!  We still don't know who his teacher is or what time he will be going!

Daddy said it was Seb's turn for his picture and asked him to smile and Seb said, "NO! I do this....."

And this

And this!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Funny Sayings by Lincoln Linc

Yesterday at Lincoln's soccer practice his coach turns to him and asks, "What do you think we should work on today?".  Lincoln thinks and says, "Hmm.....not saying potty words?". 

Lincoln gets picked up by his friend's Dad, "Mike the cop" for preschool.  Linc ran out when he saw them drive up.  Mike gets out and greets him saying, "Hey Linc what do you say?".  Linc says, "um....thankyou??"

Tolman School Play

Sunday, January 27, 2013


I found a deal on a cruise out of Miami that I couldn't pass up.  Of course, with all the fees, excursions, restaurants, taxis, gifts etc it didn't turn out to be the deal I was thinking. We have to get away once a year and be together without "interruptions".  It was glorious.  We started in South Beach Miami eating at a "Michael Weston" restaurant. I didn't get my Mojito yet......The beach was beautiful.  Turquoise waters, white sand, naked foreigners.  There were people from all over the world wearing interesting things.  We went on a long walk down the beach and soaked in the sun and felt the sunburn later.

Everyday we stopped at a Port.  The first day we were in Freeport.  We went on a bike ride around the island and hung out at a secluded beach.  It felt like we were on a ghost island because no one was around.  It was in the low 70's and windy, nice for us but the locals maybe thought it was a winter storm.  We enjoyed the quiet beauty. 
The next day we landed in Nassau.  We paid for the excursion to Atlantis.  It went very smoothly.  It was nice to have the transportation and tickets all taken care of.  In the past we have wasted time trying to get places and getting the best deal.  We were in awe with this resort. 

The design of this place was incredible.  This is in the Digs, the underwater aquarium. 

This Manta Ray was 1000 lbs.  It was airlifted out the next day to the ocean bc it grew too big for the aquarium.

The main lobby

This is the shark tank where 2 tube slides go right through the middle.  So it feels like you are in there with the sharks.

A nice man offered to take our picture and didn't realize it was on video.

I love the Bahamians.  They are laid back and happy.  Their buildings are bright colors and they have pride in themselves and their country.  Just 40 years ago they raised their own flag to declare independence from Britain.  They are voting whether to legalize (you gotta say it like Bob Marley) gambling.  They love their illegal lottery EVERYONE has a ticket

Last stop private island.  AHHHH.... This day was the best weather.  We went snorkeling out around that big rock and saw some cool fish.  The food was brought off the boat and they served us on the beach.  They had volleyball games, dancing and rentals.  We just snorkeled, ate and relaxed on the beach.

We ate a lot.  We ordered 2 entrees some nights because you can!  The desserts are always lacking on cruises but the soft serve was yummy.  The entertainment was good.  The comedian was hilariousWe learned the Cha-Cha and watched people make fools of themselves in the game shows (that's always fun). 

Miami beach last day.  We rented a car the 1st and last day so we could make the most of our time in Miami.  We loved this South Beach.  It was a grassy park right before you entered the beach and all the restaurants were on the other side of the street. 

                You've gotta have a Mojito in Miami!!  Virgin of course.