Monday, January 30, 2012

Cruising with Mickey!

Disney knows how to Cruise! We walked on the ship and were greeted by the staff saying into the microphone, "Welcome Maxwell family" and we walk through a line of staff clapping and welcoming us. The girls were always called princesses and we would give "Hi 4's" to people wearing a Mickey glove. We went up on deck for the sail off party. We danced and sang and party rocked. The cruise director told the kids to scream because they get all you can eat ice cream-we screamed, then he told us to scream because we get all you can drink soda-Greg screamed. He told us there were shows and swimming and eating and everything! Oh, it was heaven.

I loved the dinners each night when we had great discussions and laughter about the days events and life.

Medano Beach in Cabo. We walked there from the port only 20 min. On the way Greg thought of a great way to boggle the minds of all the "sales guys", every few feet there is someone asking us in heavily accented english to buy this, go here, go there. Greg taught the girls to say, "No hable ingles." It was hilarious how they responded. My favorite was a guy who jumped back and laughed so hard then in spanish rattled off "oh you speak spanish so do I! Where do you want to go? I can take you......."
We rented kayaks (after I haggled it was only$25 for 2. Haggling is my favorite. Not Greg's he gets very uncomfortable. In PV he didn't want to jip the lady from her week of rice and beans so he told me "I am giving her $20 so she can eat for a week." I found out later another lady on our ship got the same dresses $15)
Kayaking was so fun. Seals followed us and we found a private beach and hung out there for a while.
The other day at Cabo we took a taxi to Chilleno Beach. It was beautiful. The snorkeling was awesome. Port adventures brought people here to snorkel. Hayley and Brooke tried snorkeling. Brooke thought she saw a fish and later told us it was probably a piece of trash. Hayley went all the way out and saw millions of fish in the deep water.
In Puerto Vallarta this "statue" scared Brooke so bad.

Restaurant with a nice view in PV.

The girl's first taxi ride. We got to see "Mexico" and see daddy in action speaking Spanish like a native.

Tendering from the ship.

Awesome family activities at night. This was a game show "So you think you know your family" Hayley and Daddy were chosen to be the contestants. There was Karaoke, dance parties and movies every night along with the Shows.

The kids activity rooms always had something fun going on. This night was "girls chill". They put on makeup, nail polish, colored a pillowcase, made bracelets and watched a movie. They loved playing foursquare with a huge ball, baking cookies, making a volcano, playing on the wii and being teased by the counselors.

Brooke made some friends and played in the pool for hours.

We loved relaxing with no worries, or little boys.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Play hard Sleep hard

Another nice day in the winter! We went to the library and played at the park in January, like we lived in Cali or something!

Seb played so hard he fell asleep in his highchair while he was eating his lunch.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

Wild and Wacky Maxwell Party! We danced and sang and ran around outside to bring on the New Year. Earlier that day we went to Gmas and played games and had a yummy brunch.