Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cole and Amy's Wedding

Handsome boys

I had so much fun catering the wedding.  I was so happy to help Amy, my new sister! 
I have found a new hobby or maybe a career when the time is right.

The wedding rehearsal

Lincoln was supposed to be the ring bearer but he refused.  One day a few months later he comes up to me and says "Why didn't I give the ring to Amy?"  I told him he didn't want to and that Amy was sad that he didn't.  Then he says, "Next time she gets married I will do it."

We are too cool for this

My favorite picture

Sunday, April 8, 2012


It's time to hunt for those Easter Eggs!  This year I added something fun.  Some eggs had something to do written on a paper inside.  A few examples are "Find someone who played on the BYU rugby team and do 10 sit ups with them.  They would find Logan or Adrienne.  Or, "Find someone who is going to have a baby and give her some suggestions of what she should name her."  That would be Lisa.  "Find your Grandma, give her a hug and tell her you love her."  "Find Grampa and ask him to tell you a story."  "Find someone who is getting married."  My hope was that it would be more interactive and lengthen the hunt a little longer.  I think they enjoyed it. 
We had a big group there.  Around 30 people.  Amy's family joined us bc they were in town for her wedding.  I read the book "What Happens When We Die"  and talked about the atonement.  Aunt Marilyn told us about our ancestors especially Elizabeth the pioneer who said, "My sacrifice has been for my descendants so they know that I know this gospel is true and they can have it in their lives".  I need to find the exact quote and her last name. 
Here's Brookie asking Amy why she wants to marry Cole or something.
Hayley is asking Mimi who starred in "Grease".  It was Janae!