Saturday, October 1, 2011

Donut Falls Conference Weekend

The drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon was beautiful! The boys were sleeping, we were listening to conference and all the leaves were breathtaking in all there colors.

Brooke was our little mountain goat leading us on the trail.

Lincoln was excited to see the falls and throw rocks in the river.

Hayley took Seb up most of the way!

Then Daddy took over.....

Hayley and Brooke were so adventurous, maybe too adventurous.
Lincoln's Birthday Week
4 years old!
They celebrated at his preschool on Superhero day.

We made spider cookies for Spiderman! Chocolate Grahams, frosting, M&Ms and Twizzlers.

He chose to go bowling. He is a VERY passionate bowler. He yells and screams and gives everyone Hi-5s when he hits just one pin.

Gma came to celebrate and snuggle with Seb. Seb would get upset when the pins were knocked over.

Oh no will it hit the pins?

A Batman cake! Hayley was just excited as Linc because she got a day off of no sugar, per the rules for her getting $30 if she went a month without sugar.

Happy Birthday Lincoln! We love you!